After Ripoll, Barcelona and Vilafranca, Vic has been named Catalan Capital of Culture 2016.

Vic has embraced this Catalan cultural status in the broadest and most universal sense as well as in the most literal sense: as broad as Catalan culture itself, as universal as its values and as literal as its desire to fufill and play its role as the capital of Catalan culture.

The objectives, therefore, are to present, explain and disseminate Catalan culture on a global and universal level from a national framework to an international level with future perspectives. With a programme that accommodates different cultural spheres and all forms of artistic expression, discipline, style and genre: photography, painting, literature, design, sculpture, architecture, street theatre, music, arts, film, visuals, popular, festive and traditional events, Catalan culture will be put in the spotlight. This cultural status will give visibility to our artists, our culture and values tranferring our national perspective to neighbouring countries. It will present our culture to the world in all its dimensions without prejudice or complexes. Convinced of its value it will demonstrate that the transition from the local to the universal, in most cases, is a frank, spontaneous and natural process.

To achieve these goals we have met one of the first challenges: to involve the city and the region in preparing the programming of Viccc2016. We have managed to involve different agents, actors and authors in creating more than seventy projects that involve the deployment of some 150 different actions. Over a hundred people have worked on designing a programme which is so transversal, diverse and unifying that it has brought together efforts and work from across all different sectors, areas and profiles in the city.

This year the programme for Vic, the cultural capital, includes home productions and premieres in all areas: exhibits, documentaries, theatrical, musical and multidisciplinary shows as well as several new unique and innovative projects.

  The programme also aims to create spaces for analysis, reflection and debate, to look for new models of cultural management, new formulas, platforms and tools for Catalan culture.

Each month and in each area, well-known figures from Osona will be present in a programme that will act as a platform and showcase. Osona’s success will be represented each month by these renowned Catalan figures from the different disciplines present in Viccc2016.

Several projects from this programme will persist beyond 2016, thus accomplishing one of Vic’s key objectives as cultural capital.


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